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Revolutionary New York

America was born both in blood and politics on the streets of New York City. From the first bloodshed of the Revolution in 1765 through the first major battle of the war for independence, New York was a centerpiece of the Revolution throughout the entire war.

Burned to the ground by the patriots and seized by the British, New York City remained in English hands for the duration of the campaign.

As the nation's first capitol, our city witnessed George Washington becoming the first president of the United States, the struggle to pen the Bill of Rights, and the creation of America's federal government.

Our founding father's ideals are still groundbreaking today. But in the 18th Century, the world was changed forever. As we follow in the footsteps of the men who fought for our liberty, we will rediscover that how our founders changed the world and left their signatures not only on great documents - but also on our national character-forever.

This in-depth study of revolutionary New York leads us through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Harlem, as we explore America's birth.

By better understanding the price of our liberty we better understand ourselves and our country today.

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