Outside In Tour Guides -- Ted

Ted Native New Yorker Ted has been a licensed New York City Tour Guide for 15 years. His specialties include architecture, history and sports, and he has led guided tours by bus, by foot, by boat, by limo, even by helicopter.

Besides working for several double-decker bus companies during the past 15 years, leading bus tours through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Ted specializes in running private tours for junior high school and high school groups as well as the elderly.

He frequently guides groups coming from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia, and twice each year leads the parents of newly-enrolled Columbia University and Barnard College students around the neighboring Harlem community as part of a University-sponsored orientation. Ted and his wife Marybeth have two teenagers of their own, a boy and a girl. All four hail from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
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