Outside In Tour Guides -- Riley

Riley Riley is a native-born, lifelong New York City resident, and has always had a passion for the city's history and culture. Also New York educated, she holds a BA with Honors from Hunter College of the City University of New York, and an MA from Columbia University.

Growing up as an actress on the New York stage she learned the joy of entertaining and discovered a flair for storytelling, and she continues to find these pleasures in guiding both visitors and residents in exploring her city. Riley will share with you the "must-see" attractions of the city, and introduce you to its hidden, less-known treasures and stories.

New York City is an immeasurably rich resource for visual and performing art, social and political history, and popular culture. Whether this is your first visit or your fiftieth, Riley will help you discover more of the many facets of this great City.

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