Outside In Tour Guides -- Noreddine

Noreddine Noreddine has been a licensed New York City tour guide for over 14 years working on Double Decker buses as well as giving customized tours in English, French and Arabic to groups as small as two persons and as big as 35 persons. "I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my love and passion for the city with visitors from all over the world." Noreddine says. "I have the privilege of providing tours to various groups and sharing with them my love for New York".

While Noreddine is not a native, he has been living in New York City for over twenty years and there can be no doubt he is a New Yorker. He received his Bachelor degree with an honor from New York City College of Technology.

"I have never taken this great city for granted, for I am grateful for the opportunities this city has afforded me to grow and succeed" Noreddine says. "My love for this city is surpassed only by my deep desire to continue to learn and grow as a tour guide".
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