Outside In Tour Guides -- Juan

Juan Imagine being a stranger in a vibrant place and having a good friend who knows every wrinkle of it, someone who will take you to places other visitors will never see. That is the essence of Juan’s tours.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Juan has lived in all five New York City boroughs and is the quintessential New Yorker. He has been a licensed tour guide since 1997, leading tours in both English and Spanish.

Juan loves New York with all of its diversity representing its rich heritage and modern cosmopolitan life and this passion is essential to his guiding. It is extremely important to Juan that his clients return home with a complete New York experience to remember.

"Each tour is like a different footprint, never quite the same as the one before -- a new day, new people, different weather, and a route that might vary depending on what is blooming or what is in season."
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