Outside In Tour Guides -- Jorge

JorgeJorge was born and raised in Uruguay, South America, the grandson of Italian and Lebanese emigrants, and after living in five different countries in three continents, in 1998 he made his home in Brooklyn, New York, where he and his wife are raising a new generation of multilingual globetrotters.

His passion for history, geography, travel and transportation systems inevitably lead him to the tour industry, becoming a licensed New York City tour guide in 2002 and conducting bus, limo, subway and walking tours ever since, not only in English but also in Spanish and Portuguese.

Being one of the more than three million New Yorkers born outside the United States, Jorge brings his unique perspective as an immigrant to his tours, weaving past and present together as he takes visitors through the five boroughs of New York City, past famous landmarks, across vibrant shopping districts and into ethnic neighborhoods, making them experience the real, multicultural and cosmopolitan New York in an informative, educational and also entertaining way.

Jorge has appeared in several television programs about touring New York City, in CNN and MSNBC among others, and has been featured in "The Naturalized", an upcoming History Channel documentary about the naturalization process.

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