Outside In Tour Guides -- Jonathan

Jonathan Jonathan had the "a-ha" moment that led him to his sightseeing license over seven years ago. He was working as a real estate agent in Brooklyn and realized that one of the things he did best was introduce people to new neighborhoods and help them understand what made each place special. And he also realized that he was not particularly good at closing deals. So, shortly after those realizations, he happened to hear a couple of tour guides on a public radio show. That's when he made his decision, made some calls, passed the licensing exam and hasn't looked back since.

One of the things he believes is that a tour is a special occasion, whether it's a bucket list event, revisiting the city with new eyes or exploring a new corner of one's home -- he's always honored to be a part of that moment. Jonathan is always excited to share his knowledge of the city, whether its art (his academic background), history, architecture or pop culture.

Over the years, he's seen every pro sports team in the five boros (he even slept outside one stadium for post-season tickets). He's been to performances at Carnegie Hall, all the theaters in Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall and lots of Broadway shows. One year he helped unveil the Christmas windows at Saks and another year he marched in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

When he's not exploring or learning about the city, Jonathan spends time trying to get his sons to care about the Yankees. He and his family enjoy swimming in the Atlantic Ocean or hiking in the Catskill Mountains.

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