Outside In Tour Guides -- Fa

Fa Fa Ventilato, Swiss born, Italian citizen, and New York resident since 20 years, combines the local expert with the curios explorer, always on the lookout for new adventures.

"Nature inspires me, and in my work with people I try to employ creativity with care for a sustainable life, to move forward while respecting the environment," Fa Ventilato says.

As a licensed professional tour guide, Fa is an all rounder per se, extending his services well beyond New York to all of North America. "Walking or cruising a city, with its enthralling energy is also an opportunity to reflect on our awareness while connecting to our fast moving times," says the versatile guide who gives tours in fluent English, German and Italian.

Discovering history with curiosity and linking it today's New York make his tours an animated journey for the open minded. He has shared experiences with hundreds of Italian travelers to the new world, and his congenial charm has repeatedly been compared to that of actor and director Roberto Benigni.

With genuine respect for the locals, he will accompany you through discovery and provide a unique experience of the city, guaranteeing for quality time and adventure a la carte.

Fa is also an internationally known sound artist and music performer who investigates interfaces of nature and people. His work includes collaborations with artists in the fields of visual art, film, animation, dance, and sound sculpture.

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