Outside In Tour Guides -- Ava

Ava Ava was first licensed as an official NYC tourguide in 2001. She was born in Holland, and is fluent in German, Dutch, Flemish and English, and speaks basic French and Serbo-Croatian. She won the US Greencard Lottery, and has lived in New York City since the late 1990's.

Ava's grandmother helped inspire her love of story-telling, and she carries that tradition into her work. She especially loves that New York City has been a city of immigrants and diversity since its initial settlement by the Dutch: After all, the city was New Amsterdam, and today she enjoys illuminating the Dutch influence on New York for her guests.

She especially appreciates the food smells of the city, the diversity, the contrasts, the reflections of old architecture in the glass of new buildings, the history and mostly the temperament and openness to new people and ideas.

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