Neighborhood Tours - The Lower East Side

Neighborhood Tour Destinations:
The Financial District -- Greenwich Village -- Lower East Side
Central Park -- Upper West Side -- Harlem -- Brooklyn Heights

Experience the greatest melting pot experiment the world has ever known.

Discover the turbulent history of the notorious 5-Points, the worst gangland corners in American history and hear the violent stories of infamous murderer Bill "The Butcher" Poole and his religious war against the "Dead Rabbits". Come face to face with the political corruption of a city swelled with immigrants battling to carve out a claim in America, as fervently as others struggled to keep them out.

From the first Jewish settlers in 1653 to the Chinese immigrants of the 1870s, the streets of the Lower East Side still reflect the diversity, hardship, determination and character that made New York City what it is today: the most diverse city in the world.

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