Neighborhood Tours - Central Park

Neighborhood Tour Destinations:
The Financial District -- Greenwich Village -- Lower East Side
Central Park -- Upper West Side -- Harlem -- Brooklyn Heights

Where do New Yorkers go to relax? Central Park, of course. No other location in New York has appeared in more films than Central Park, and for good reason.

58 miles of pedestrian pathways, 23 miles of bridal paths, 58 sculptures, 38 bridges and arches, and 9,000 benches, make all 843 acres a perfect way to forget you're in the city without leaving Manhattan Island.

Manmade nature in the middle of an urban grid, the park is the great escape for New Yorkers and tourists alike, who just need to get away from it all... but can't (or won't) leave Manhattan.

From the Bethesda Fountain to the Shakespeare Gardens, Central Park is a heavenly oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle.

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