Uptown 101 Tour

Seen the "tourist sites" of downtown already? Visit the other side of town and experience the areas New Yorkers call their neighborhoods. Parks, churches, museums, and history abound North of midtown.

Walk the streets of Harlem and hear the legacy of the Apollo Theater. Visit the largest mausoleum in North America, built for a true American hero. See a five-octave bell tower with 74 bells. Stroll the campus of an Ivy League school where the world's greatest minds split the first atom. You'll be amazed that the Seinfeld diner is only a block from the world's largest Gothic cathedral. Ex-President Bill Clinton's office, only a block from where Khrushchev first met Castro.

Nature lovers will enjoy Central Park, with its flora and fauna, statues, major concerts, Strawberry Fields, buggy rides, zoos, and castles. By day's end, you'll love Uptown New York City.

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